Sunday, May 29, 2011

Yep, it's been awhile...

*Warning- This is kind of a long post... but you won't be disappointed if you make it all the way to the end... or you could just skip to the end if you wanted.*

So, I always say that I want to be better at keeping up with my blog- and I always find something else to do instead or I just forget. I'm not a very good blogger and though I've failed multiple times- I will keep my intentions to be better.

That being said, there is soooo much to update on. However, I will just start with this weekend, since that's what has happened most recently- hopefully, I'll be able to get the other updates soon....

So this week, I decided to get a haircut. Kristen had a coupon for 50% off that she gave me and I made an appointment for Saturday morning at 10. I was really excited about it, though a little nervous, because the last couple of times that I've had my hair cut were ultimate fails. However, I don't know if it's the stage of pregnancy that I am in or what, but when I went in there, I decided that I didn't really care all that much what she did with it. I have had this feeling of nonchalance lately... you know, not really caring too much about a lot of little things. I knew that if my hair didn't turn out okay, that it would eventually grow back. People asked what foods I wanted for my baby shower- well, I really didn't mind what there was. I was just grateful that someone (and several someones) threw me one (or more). I haven't cared about my grades in my classes, so long as I passed with B's- so that I could graduate. (Which I did by the way.... not graduate, but passed my classes at VCU with B's (and one A). I have cared about getting things packed up in the diaper bag and in my bag for the birthing center and getting my house in order and other more important things... but those little things- I just haven't cared about.

But... I digress.

Back to the hair cut. My hairstylist decided after looking at my hair, that I should do something different rather than just have it cut straight across- so she said that she thought that it would be good to give me some angling at the face to create "movement". I said sure, whatever you think will look good (though she did suggest layers before then and I was a little more apprehensive about that because I had layers once before and they didn't really turn out all that great.

So, she snipped and snipped away.... and we talked about babies, and pregnancy and labor and delivery (probably in the reverse order)... and she snipped some more. Finally, she was done, handed the me the mirror, turned me around so I could see the back of my hair. She asked me what I thought. I told her that so far so good... and we'll see what it looks like once it's dry. It's always so hard to tell when it's still wet. She thanked me, told me she'd see me in 6 to 8 weeks (yeah, we'll see... I'm not used to getting my hair cut that frequently and I will have just had a baby) and I paid.

I went home and got my hair wet since it had started to dry and was pretty frizzy... put my own product in it, what my hair was used to and Jeff and I got ready to head to good ole Buena Vista. The GPS took us a different way this time and we decided to head that way- it was nice not driving along the highway. We listened to some kid music and then I found an old CD from the end of my freshman year in college- The Songs of C3.... any old C3PO-ans remember that CD, so old, oh those songs. Mine was called "Catch".... it was perfect.

We finally made it to BV and decided to visit with Carolena and Jonathan. I hadn't seen them in forever! In fact, I had never even met her little girl who will be two in Sept. So it was a nice, albeit short visit. We then headed over the Pences. It's always good to see them. They were all making good use of their time together as a family. I love that about their family- that they all work together to get a job done.

Then, it was time to go meet Brinn to get our maternity pictures done- the whole reason we headed to BV in the first place. We got there and Brinn wasn't home yet... but we only had to wait a few minutes before she arrived. We just sat on the porch for a little while enjoying the breeze.

I fixed my hair (I did my makeup at the Pences) and we headed out to an old building by the railroad tracks. Brinn had us start by having Jeff stand behind me, me placing my hands on my belly and Jeff placing his hands on mine. And then it all started. We had a blast- I hope Brinn did, too. There was tons of laughter... Jeff and I aren't used to displaying affection publicly... especially me. I am just so uncomfortable with it- but I laugh often when I am uncomfortable, so it worked in my favor and of course, Jeff was just eating it up. He loved it. And, really, I definitely came out of my shell, too and it was fun. We told Brinn how we had met and started dating and it was just like being out with a good friend who happened to have a camera. She made it feel super comfortable. Though there were definitely some awkward moments- like she wanted some kissing shots... it really wasn't that bad. She and Jeff were able to put me at ease some and it felt more comfortable as time went on. We moved on to a couple more locations within that same area, took more shots, laughed tons and then headed back to her place to change and take more shots. She asked me if I wanted a bare belly shot. I had decided a long time ago that I did not want any pictures of my bare belly... but Jeff really wanted one and so did my sister, Ashley... so I decided that if it was just my belly, it would be okay. Plus, I probably definitely wouldn't want one during my second pregnancy, when I am sure my belly will display more of the "badge of motherhood".

Okay, so we got to her house, changed and headed outside. We started out by a tree in her front yard. Then we headed out to her backyard. She's got a field of tall grass out there and asked us to walk through it and we'd take some pictures out there... there was some concern that snakes would be out there and so Jeff said that as long as they don't feel threatened by us sneaking up on them, we should be fine... so what does Brinn do as she's walking through? She starts saying things like, "Hey snakes! We're coming!!" or "Snakes, we're not sneaking up on you"... then she starts making hissing sounds. That's when I got nervous. I reminded her that it was mating season and perhaps she shouldn't hiss. So, then she said a little prayer that we'd make through okay.

She had us lay down in the tall grass so that she could get some shots of us on the ground. She was surprised at how well we obliged and just did as she asked. We had ultimate trust in her. Afterall, she's the photographer and if she sees something, we'd accept. At least, that's how I felt. I guess I can't really speak for Jeff.

We took lots of pictures laying down in the grass, standing in the tall grass and walking in the tall grass. And then we made it out safely. We took a few more pictures and called it a day.

It was a long day for Jeff and me... but it was sooo fun! We really did have a blast hanging out together.

Okay, so I know this is a long post with no pictures, but please, before you go, check out the pictures on my friend, Brinn's blog (they were up when we got home last night- amazing)... and if you like them, you should let her know :) I personally think she did a great job!- and that's just the sneak peak!! I can't wait to see the others.

Again, I know I say this often, but I really will try to update more later (see... "later" is a good word... later could be anytime really.)

Let me know what you think! :)
P.S. Later in the day, I asked Jeff if he liked my haircut... he said he couldn't tell.