Monday, June 14, 2010

Blessings, Blessings, Blessing!

So here we are, half way through June... and I was doing so well, too. Anyway, I don't have too much time, but I didn't want too much time to go past before I wrote again. Okay, so here are the next few blessings:

Blessing #8- My eyes!! I am so grateful that I can see. This month so far, I've had the opportunity to see so many beautiful things, a double rainbow, heat lightning, stars, my husband, my cute little nieces and nephews, my face when I put on makeup, my homework, I can read, etc. I am grateful for the blessing that I have to see.

Blessing #9- I am blessed with hears to hear. I can hear Jeff when he speaks to me, I love hearing children's laughter, music- how I love music, birds chirping, the alarm clock, click-clacking of heals as they walk on hard floors, the tapping of the keyboard as type this. The list goes on!

Blessing #10- I am blessed to have a nose and to be able to smell things around me. I realized that I love the smell of water hitting the dirt (like when watering plants or a garden) but even more than that, I love the smell of a warm summer rain! Oh it's like a little piece of heaven in my nose. I also love the smell of yummy treats, fresh baked bread, some lotions and soaps, grass, grilled foods, bonfire, and more! Boy am I lucky that I can smell.

Blessing #11- Electricity- I am blessed that I have electricity in my house. Isn't it so cool that with the flick of a switch, I can see what was just a fraction of a moment (unless you're in my bathroom... that light definitely takes longer for some reason) ago dark? Amazing! I am grateful that we have electricity now and that I can afford to keep it on.

Blessing #12- Running Water/drinking water- When I lived in Taiwan, we had running water, but could not drink water from the faucet. I am grateful that I can drink water from my faucet, but I am also so blessed to have running water. It's so easy to wash clothes, laundry, flush the toilet, etc.

Blessing #13- I am blessed to have graduated from SVU. I really did love that school! I learned so much while I was there and made the best friends. It really was one of the best experiences in my life. The other day, I met this guy on campus at VCU. I asked him what he was studying and found out that he was still in undergrad studying phsycology. I told him that I was working on my masters in special education. Then he asked me about my grad classes and if they were harder than undergrad. And as I thought about how to answer that question (the brief moment that I did think about the answer- because you know, I guess I get time pressured when someone asks a question) I thought about how it really isn't harder, how SVU really did an amazing job at preparing me for my future at VCU. How? Well because the classes were small, because I had relationships with my professors that I never would have had in a much larger university where I would have been a mere number, turned statistic. But at SVU, I was a real person, my professors knew who I was, when I wasn't in class, what my dreams and goals were. I am so grateful for that and would never change that.

Blessing #14- With that, I am also so blessed to have this opportunity to work attend VCU and work on my graduate degree. What an amazing blessing that my job is helping to pay for my classes (my job currently pays for 6 credits each semester- which is such a blessing and such a help). Hopefully, I'll be able to finish my master's next Summer (August 2011). Wish me luck!

Blessing #15- Last school related item for now, but it is also a blessing that I am able to take my statistics class online... see my schedule is just so busy and I am so grateful that I can do work as I have time rather than have to go to class each day. Though, I do wish my instructor were more available, I am enjoying the class.

Well, I suppose that's all for now! Last week has been kind of busy, it sort of came and went in a whirlwind and I can't actually remember much of it. Saturday, I had a great time at my niece's 3rd birthday party. Jeff and I went and picked up my nephews (4 and 2) so that they could go and it was just such a blast! Sunday, we went to church and then found out that my great grandmother is in the hospital so we went and spent a couple of hours at the hospital visiting with her and other family members as they came and went.

And tonight, is gonna be a long one. I have tons of homework and then I need to take a test before midnight, which I am kind of nervous for.

Well, thanks for reading!! P.S. I'll add pictures later.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Blessings 5, 6, and 7

So this really will be quick this time... I have too many things to do.

But before I start, here's where to go for the start of this.... down at the bottom of the post.

Okay, Tuesday, I went to work, but left early to go to the funeral of my step-grandmother Jean. I ended up having to conduct it... which was kind of nervousing (yes, I made up that word). For the closing song, we sang, "Nearer, My God to Thee". Okay well, there was no music, no one to lead the song, so I ended up doing that, too... and well, I don't know how to do that. Can you say, embarrasing? Except, that no one seemed to notice, at all. In fact, at the end of the funeral services, the funeral director told my dad that I did a fantastic job and that he could tell that I didn't want anyone to hear my voice... but that I did a great job with the whole thing. (When I say I conducted, by the way, I also mean that I had to lead the meeting, introduce the speakers, etc.).

Anyway, so blessing #5- I am blessed with opportunities to serve. Debbie and my dad both said how much they appreciated it. It wasn't a big deal, except that I was very nervous, but it all worked out okay. And if I was nervous, no one else noticed. I am grateful for that.

Wednesdays blessing (#6)- This may sound crazy, but yesterday, I wasn't really looking forward to going to work. First of all, I had a nice long weekend, then Tuesday, I left work at 10. Secondly, I didn't sleep well at all that night. So Wednesday morning, when I woke up, I dreaded work. But, once I got there and got back into the swing of things, it all turned out just fine. I really do love my job. The blessing- that I have a job and that I enjoy it. That's a true blessing.

Today's blessing (#7), today it rained and poured. I am so grateful that I have a warm, lovely home. Sometimes, I think that our house is small, but really I love our home, I love it and it's ours. What a blessing.

Alright, time to go.. stay tuned!

Kristen, is that short (like I said)?