Thursday, September 5, 2013

7 Months!!

My little baby girl Adelaide turned seven months old yesterday! 7 months since she's been born. It would be unbelievable if she wasn't so big and wasn't so mobile. She had her six month appointment late (because I missed her appointment before and the next earliest appointment I could get for her was on the 23rd) and she weighed 19 lbs and 2 oz. and was 27 inches long. My big girl. She is wearing a lot of sized 9 month clothes- especially sleepers or pants because she's kind of long.

This past month Adelaide:
- recognizes her name for sure.
- Loves Caleb, like loves him- like even if he hits her, she smiles.
- Her eyes light up when her daddy comes home. Super cute. She just loves him, too.
- I'm pretty sure she recognizes the words, "feed", "eat", "milk" and "kisses".
- I can't stop kissing her cheeks. I think she's gonna have to live with that until high school, maybe even college.
- She has the best smile.
- She still laughs like an old lady or deep in her throat... not a real hearty, belly laugh.
- She crawls like a pro. She started army crawling at about 6 1/2 months, then about a week later, was up on her hands and knees and now, you should see her go.
- She dances to music.
- She can pull herself up on things and never sits still anymore. She's such an active baby.
- She has tried bananas, pears, applesauce, carrots, peas, sweet potatoes. Within the last week, she's really started enjoying food more, so now eats some solids at least once a day.
- She doesn't sleep through the night, but there are some nights where she'll get pretty close and sleep until 4 or 5. Other nights she's super restless and up a lot.
- She loves her bouncy swing thing (like a johnny jump up).
- She loves splashing in the bath tub.
- She loves going for walks outside.
- She loves looking at herself in the mirror.
- She's teething, but no teeth yet.
- Her hair looks a little reddish when it gets wet.
- She rubs her eyes when she gets really tired.
- She puts everything in her mouth.
- I'm realizing that my house is not currently babyproof. ha.
- She's the friendliest baby and smiles at everyone and if you're having a bad day, holding her is sure to melt the bad away.

Life's good with this sweet baby around. We sure do love her around her. I still take less photos and videos these days, but I'm working on and she still has plenty of pictures to document her life... so enjoy!

And not to take away from all of her amazing accomplishments this month, but today for the first time, Caleb pee pee'd in the potty!! Woohoo! I praised him with all my might. I was so excited for him. Then he said, "Mama again?" I told him if he had to go again, he could try. So he pushed. Then he said, "Mama help?" So cute! I explained to him that I couldn't help him, that it was something that he had to do himself. I love my babies.

Enjoy the photos... p.s., they are not in order... sorry. :)

Oh yeah, did I forget to mention that she can climb stairs already? 

I just love this picture because it shows her wonderful, delicious rolls. 

Who is this baby?


I know, I already showed this photo... but I just had to end with it. Seriously, this girl truly is a joy.