Tuesday, December 10, 2013

10 Months!!

So Miss Adelaide (or Miss Adeeay, as Caleb calls her) turned 10 months old last week. And she's as cool as ever.

This past month:

Adelaide has started walking more, especially the last couple of weeks. So she stands by herself and takes steps by herself, no prompting from anyone. She was up to 10 steps by her ten month day. Now she's up to many more (in just a week's time), so she'll really be walking very soon. She stands all the time now. So cute!

She likes strawberries, rice, Fruitful O's (some cereal made by Cascadian Farms), Annie's chedder bunnies, I let her try some shredded cheese last week and she liked that. She also likes green beans, different spices, potatoes, peas. Like Caleb, I plan on not feeding her meet until 2. But unlike Caleb she's started on dairy already (Caleb didn't have any dairy until he was 15 months old). She hasn't had much- just that cheese one day last week and last night, I let her try a little yogurt which she really liked.

She doesn't like baby food or ultra pureed food. She seems to like things with texture. So creamy mashed potatoes is a no, but a soft baked potato is a yes.

Even though she likes some foods, she doesn't like to eat much, actually. So she still almost exclusively nurses. I try feeding her a couple times a day, but she will either resist or just eat a couple of bites and she's done. Every once in awhile, she will eat a great deal more than usual, which is always exciting. :)

She wears size 12 months- 18months. She's not as chunky as the C-man was, but she's taller than he was at her age.

She has become a cuddly girl. It's precious. She will now cuddle with us some and I just LOVE it.

She LOVES to give kisses to people, especially babies. When she gets excited, though, or greets them, she'll pat them on the head.

She loves to follow her older brother around and do what he does to the best of her ability. It's super duper cute! She also mimics him more than anyone else.

Speaking of mimicing. She mimics a lot. She says, "ha" (hi), bah bah (bye bye), "mama", "dada", "mmmm" (you know like, mmm, mmm, good). She makes lots of gurgling noises and other fun noises, too. She'll watch your mouth intently and try to figure out what you're doing. Her most favorite thing recently is make a kiss noise. If you're eating something and she wants some, she'll smack her lips together, as if she's eating, too. I can't handle her cuteness.

She doesn't clap, or point, or wave yet, really. She did wave a little bit, but doesn't anymore.

She still has not a single tooth and it doesn't look like any are trying to push through either. But, don't underestimate her bite! She's got a strong jaw!

She loves reading, singing and DANCING! It's so cute to watch her dance. She just bounces up and down and sometimes she put her head up and down to the side. Adorable.

She's a super friendly baby and as long I'm nearby, she'll go to pretty much anyone. She does not like being left with anyone she doesn't know though... that's more recent.

She's a climber. It's so funny to watch her climb. If she slept in a crib, I'm pretty sure she would have figured out how to climb out by now.

She likes to be outside, even when it's cold, but especially when it's warm (or cool) and she can get down and crawl/ walk along behind something and play.

She's one tough cookie. She's fallen off of things (like the bed), been toppled on by her brother, run into things (like the door) and she just gets up like it's nothing most of the time.

She's also pretty headstrong, and strong in general.

She's also super smart. She will do things and look back for attention. If you missed, she'll do it again so you can see.

She also gets object permanence... no hiding things from her anymore.

She's pretty awesome and seriously such a joy! She brings so much more sunshine to my life than I thought possible.

We left these totes there so that the little ones wouldn't be able to get to the tree.

As you can see, that worked out real well. :)

I sure do love that smile! 

Ignore everything about this picture... except for that sweet smile!

Mmm.... what a yummy baby.

I just love those lashes.

And those eyes!

This sweet girl. 

Everything goes into her mouth. Everything. 

So this was from like the middle of November.... Now she stands so much better and walks! Wahoo! :)

In the new hat and bib from aunt Kayla who is in the army. :)

10 months old!

My clean, sweet smelling 10-month old.