Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Just a Little Update...

Today, we went to the doctor. I showed the doctor the videos that of Caleb eating. The doctor watched the short one 3 or four times. He said he wasn't sure what it was but agreed that it was unusual. I asked if it could be related to food allergies and mentioned that Caleb had tried several new foods recently. He said that it could be that he is refluxing during those times. I had mentioned that Caleb does still have reflux and that he has had 3 major episodes since his 9 month check-up. During these episodes, Caleb sounds and looks like he is struggling to breath and then finally, it comes out of his mouth and nose and ends in tears for my sweet boy. It's a traumatizing experience for both of us, truly. The doc thought maybe it could be that during those times that he's done these weird head movements, he's having reflux problems and so he put Caleb back on Zantac. I hate the thought of having Caleb on medication. But he said to try it out for a couple of weeks and see if it helps him at all. In the meantime, though I am also to set up an appointment with a pediatric neurologist just to check it out- just to be sure... so this way, we'll rule two things out (or figure out that it is one of those things). He is not concerned at all because Caleb is developing as he should, but he wants to play it safe, I guess.

He also examined him physically to make sure that it was nothing more- besides listening to his chest and checking his ears and eyes, he checked his teeth and tonsils to make sure that his tonsils weren't enlarged (which he thought might contribute to difficulty swallowing).

So that's that. I'll make an appointment with the neurologist and hopefully, we'll be able to get in soon. Oh yes, and then sometime after Caleb turns 1 is when we will do an allergy test, though he feels that that is kind of early. It would be nice to know if we should be eliminating anything from Caleb's diet. I asked him about dairy- because up to this point, Caleb has not had any and he thinks we should wait until we have more answers before giving him dairy. So... I will have to research some yummy dairy-free cake recipes for his birthday.

On a different note, Caleb is just a wonderful boy. He is such a delight. He will be 11 months old on Friday and I just can't believe it. More on that later though...

Thanks to everyone who commented and made suggestions/expressed their concerns or commented otherwise. I appreciate it. :)

Oh yes!! I must mention his sleeping- it's still irregular and some nights are better than others- but last night, he slept from 8pm to 6:30am. He did wake up briefly twice (that I know of), but didn't even cry. Yay!! Maybe we'll have another night like that tonight. (That's the longest that he's slept since he was like 3 days old).
My happy teething boy. :)

Monday, May 14, 2012

Should I be worried?

For the past week, Caleb has been making these weird head/eye movements. He turns his head to the right and his eyes go left. Then he seems to sort of snap out of it.  I've only noticed it one time when he wasn't eating. I thought it was cute and that he was just giving me a sideways look. We were playing on the floor and he was crawling around. He seems to do it often when he's eating (and I'm not sure if he just does it when he is eating or if that just happens to be where we notice it because he is right in front of us- when he's playing, he is not always facing me and so perhaps I miss it?) Anyway, this was yesterday morning at breakfast. He did it once and so we got out the camera in case he started doing it again... and he did. What do you guys think? Is this something that I should be worried about or should I just brush it off as something new he has "learned" to do? I don't want to worry myself over nothing. Have any of you seen this before? 


This video is from yesterday morning at lunch. 

This is just a bit from lunch this afternoon. He did it twice at the beginning (which was caught in the video) and then 3 more times at the end of eating (but after I had turned off the camera).

Mother's Day Weekend

I had a wonderful Mother's Day weekend. Friday night, Jeff, Caleb and I went camping in Jeff's parent's yard. We set up our tent, while Evan, Jeff's brother cut up some wood and started a fire for us. Then we enjoyed some yummy S'mores. I borrowed a friend's idea to make S'mores with reese's peanut butter cups. It was delicious. We also had the traditional kind. We chatted with Jeff's parents for awhile and then headed off to bed.

Caleb woke up every two hours unfortunately- but in his defense, he didn't really nap that day much and he went to bed too late, so I'm sure that contributed. Not to mention that he may have been cold the first time he woke up and we were sleeping somewhere completely different than what he was used to. As is typical though, he woke up in a good mood in the morning.

The next morning, Jeff parent's made us breakfast and we had more s'mores. Mmm. :)
We hung out at his parents' house. Jeff helped with some yardwork as part of his Mother's day gift to his mom. We put Caleb in a baby pool, which it took some warming up to, but then he really seemed to enjoy it.

When we left his parents' house, after dinner, we headed to my mom's house. We chatted with her for a while while Caleb napped in the car and we enjoyed the some fresh air. Caleb woke up and we let him play a little. Then I nursed him, fed him some dinner and then we headed home. We didn't get home until just after 9. Caleb was asleep, so I put him in his bed, but he woke up just 30 minutes later.  He slept okay that night, but not fabulous, you know.

Sunday, Jeff made me oatmeal for breakfast...mmm. :) He asked what I wanted for breakfast and said I could have whatever I wanted- as long as it was cereal. He was kidding, of course, but I still chose oatmeal.

He gave me a wonderful card that he and Caleb made for me. I absolutely loved it. It had paper that Caleb happily tore for me and a few scribbles and even artwork from Jeff. He also gave me a self-inflating pad for camping and a little dome tent for Caleb for when we go to the beach. I had mentioned before that I wanted a little tent for Caleb for when we go to beach, so that's exciting. He said it was for making memories.

We had a wonderful time in church. The talks really were fabulous. In Relief Society, we did something completely different this year. When I walked in, I was very confused- the chairs were grouped in 4 or 5 around the room in semicircles. There was a buffet of yummy treats in front of the room. We had an opening prayer, song and announcements and then were told to enjoy the treats and mingle with the sisters. It was really nice.

After church, we headed to my grandmother's for a bbq dinner with family. My mom, Ashley and her girls, Kayla, my aunt Susan and her family, Veronica, Lisa and two of Courtney's boys, and Andy's kids were all there. It was a beautiful day, delicious food and wonderful company. It was a great way to end a fabulous weekend.

Here are some pictures from our weekend:

Look at my cute husband.

My mother in-law helping with the fire.

I love my family!

Roasting marshmallows is serious business.

Awww.... how sweet!

Caleb loves looking at the leaves blow in the wind. 

Checking out that fire. 

Escaping the tent.

Just loving life!

Pool time!

Daddy makes everything fun!

My baby boy and me on Mother's Day!

Friday, May 11, 2012

this moment

As inspired by Soule Mama:
{this moment} - A Friday ritual. A single photo - no words - capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Beautiful, Beautiful Sleep

Thursday night, after completing our bedtime routine, I put Caleb into bed at around 7. He didn't fall asleep until 7:30. He just played in his crib for a little while- but no crying. He slept for about 5 hours. He woke up and I nursed him around 12:30. Then we just lay in bed listening to the thunder storm. It was a beautiful moment. Jeff and I talked, while Caleb and I cuddled and we all enjoyed the storm. It really was so relaxing and calm and perfect. After the storm calmed down, we put him in his crib and he went right to sleep and slept for a little over 5 hours. He woke up right at 6:50.

Last night, okay, I'll just say it! Caleb slept all night long!!!! He went to bed at around 7:15, but he didn't fall asleep until around 8. Again, no crying, just playing in his crib and talking to himself. Then he woke up this morning right at 6. I nursed him and we both took a little catnap until 7. Aahh, Glorious Sleep, how I love thee!! Jeff and I woke up around 4 and I went in and checked on him, placing my hand ever so gently on his back to make sure he was breathing- and he was, of course. I was a little sad that he didn't need me to nurse him in the middle of the night, but we still had our morning cuddle time and that was nice.

Anyway, I love my little family. Time to enjoy my Saturday!!! :)

This is how I am feeling today!

Photo from

Friday, May 4, 2012

this moment

As inspired by Soule Mama:
{this moment} - A Friday ritual. A single photo - no words - capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Nights 3 and 4

Monday night:

There was less crying on Monday night. He went to bed around 7:30 and slept for four hours. He then woke up, I nursed him and he slept for 3 hours. When he woke up, I put him back in his bed. He cried for 2 minutes and went right to sleep. He slept for 2 hours. He woke up and cried for half an hour before we got him out of bed. I nursed him again (about 5 1/2 hours since I had nursed him previously) and he went back to sleep for an hour. So he slept for 4 hours, then 3, then 2, then 1 hour.

Tuesday night:

Caleb had a harder time relaxing last night and did not settle down until 8:00 pm. He ended up crying for about 30 minutes and then Jeff checked on him and loved him and he cried out when Jeff left the room. He cried off and on (mostly off) for about 10 minutes and then he was asleep. He slept for 4 hours. He woke up and I nursed him. Then he slept in bed with us for 3 hours. When he woke up, we put him in his bed. After crying for a bit (just a few minutes) he went to sleep. He slept for an hour. He then woke up, Jeff went in there and calmed him with the hair dryer and patted him on his back. Then he turned off the hairdryer and turned on the Sleep Sheep and after a few minutes, he went to sleep and slept for another 2 hours. He woke up right at 6 this morning. It was like he heard Jeff's alarm go off.

So we're making some progress. There was more crying last night than there was Monday night. I don't know if that's a bad thing or not. I can't wait until we get to the point where there is no crying. He is still waking up early (anywhere between 5:30 and 6:30 usually) and he still wakes up throughout the night, but at least we're getting longer stretches in between him waking up.

I have to figure out the nursing thing. Sometimes, it's just easier to nurse him because he'll usually go to sleep afterwards. I guess he doesn't really need to be nursed at night any longer and maybe because he expects to be nursed, he still wakes up so many times? I'm not really sure. As I mentioned before, I don't mind nursing him at night. What I am hoping to achieve at first is a good 5 or 6 hour stretch. We're not there yet, but we've gotten 4 hours at a time every night since we've started and hopefully that will continue and increase. He is still waking up at shorter intervals, too... so hopefully, we can work those so that he sleeps longer than as well. It's really hard to figure out what to do in the middle of the night. Sometimes we're so out of it, that we just can't think straight. We'll get there though. If only he knew just how much he needs it and how much he'll wish for it as he gets older.