Monday, April 7, 2014

A is 14 Months

So I've been terrible at keeping up my blog lately… anyway, Adelaide is 14 months old now. I can't even believe that she's so old. I know I say that all of the time, but she really is growing up so fast. Today though, during General Conference, I held her in my arms- just for a second, I was reminded of how little she was. Last General Conference she was just two months old. and now she's walking, climbing, talking and sassy. It's amazing. I had no idea what kind of toddler she was going to be then, you know? I didn't know what her personality was going to be like… it's just amazing to me how much babies develop in such a short amount of time.

Anyway, Adelaide says a bajililon things already. Part of me is amazed, part of me is kind of sad about it. I just am not ready to be done with her baby stage yet.

Here are her current words and she adds a new one nearly every day.

up (uh)
down (dow)
baby (bah bah)
bye (bye)
hi (hi)
water (wawa)
bed (buh)
book (boo)
ball (baw)
eat (eat)
bath (bath)
bubbles (buhbuh)
pop (pop)
Namna (nana)
Caleb (way yah)
head (haea)
shoe (shoo)
sock (soo)
nurse (ssss)
apple (apple)
banana (nana)
cookie (tootie)
thank you (titoo- almost said in a whisper)
Lisa (eessa)
Chrstal (tista)
mine (mine)- her favorite word currently
play (pay)
dog (dah dah)
truck (tah)
car (dar and sometimes a dar)
blanket (boh boh)
light (ligh)
bird (burr)- she points to the bird
Night night (nigh nigh)
help- heh
outside (I can't remember how she says it at the moment)
pooh (because Caleb says, "I need to go pee pee and poop" every time he needs to use the bathroom. Adelaide follows him to the bathroom and says pooh pooh")

She signs "please" and "more" and she just started shaking her head "no"

She also says the phrases:
I want some
take a bath
I want get in bed (meaning she wants to get into the pack-n- play or up on the bed).
I turn (for my turn)

I feel like she says more… but I can't remember right now.

She says animal sounds for cat, dog, cow, horse, sheep, pig and donkey (our favorite).

She can point to her head, and ears. She wiggles her fingers when you ask where her fingers are. She picks up her feet if you ask where her feet are. If you ask where her hands are, she makes a fist with both hands. Her eyes and nose are tricky. But if you ask her where "my eyes are" she can point to your eyes.

She still loves to climb and can climb on the sofa, the bed, the kitchen chairs and onto the table. She likes to climb into the dishwasher, into baskets, buckets, strollers. Sometimes I see that she is on top of something and wonder how she got there. She's a tricky baby.

She loves to put things in her mouth still… but if you ask her to spit it out, she will- sometimes she will run away first, but she almost always will just spit it out.

She loves to wrestle with Caleb. She will climb onto him, grab him around his neck, pull him to the floor. He doesn't like it so much.

She loves to follow Caleb around and do whatever he's doing. If he's playing with blocks, she wants to play with blocks, too. If he's playing with the ball, she wants to do the same. If he's playing on the piano, she comes following. He likes it sometimes, sometimes, it's bothersome to him.

She also likes to copy what he says. So she's always trying to repeat whatever noises he makes. He thinks it's funny so he says random sounds and she'll copy. It's one of their favorite meal time games.

Her favorite songs these days are: "Once there was a Snowman". She does the actions and she'll even say, "tall, tall, tall" and "small, small, small". ; "If You're Happy and You Know It", "Wheels on the Bus", and "Ring Around the Rosies", oh and, "Walking, Walking".

She is always amazing people at the park when she climbs up the stairs and comes down the slide by herself.

Just like her big brother, she LOVES to be outside. So we're super excited for good weather! So we can play, play, play!!

She loves to read books and enjoys the library.

Caleb and Adelaide have started playing better
lately, which is awesome and fun. It's so fun watching them play. It's really neat within him explore language as he tells her what to do and imagines with her. For example, the other day, they were playing and Caleb goes, "Addieyay, there's a spider! Oh no! It's a big one! Aaaahhh!!!" and he got up and ran away. There was no spider. Or if they are playing outside and someone is getting ready to leave, "Addieyay, watch out, Papa's getting ready to back up. Be careful!"

I guess that pretty much covers the last two months. :)

Time for some pictures:
(Sorry, they are way out of order)

St. Patrick's Day (night)

Finally a tooth!! :)

I really love this photo. 

I caught these two playing with a little green beetle they found on the ground.

Miss Sassy Pants.

Do you see what I see? her hair is getting longer and look at that little curl!! :)