Sunday, April 10, 2011

The nursery

Recently, I made this for dinner:

Doesn't it look sooo yummy? It was. If I had all of the ingredients, I'd make it tonight. Ah well. Oh and I was so proud of Jeff- he at least ate some of the peppers in his fajita.

That was random, I know- anyway- now for the non-edible good stuff.

So, Jeff and I have done some more work on our nursery since last I've written. It is so fun to see it coming all together! I can't wait for the wee one to join our little family. I am so excited that I get to be a mom. Sometimes, like yesterday, I think about how in just a few more short months (11 weeks) my life will be forever changed. I will be someone's mom. It's kind of an overwhelming and humbling thought. Jeff and I are being entrusted with one of Heavenly Father's children. :)

Okay, so here are some pictures of the nursery. Tell me what you think! And if there are any suggestions, I am open.

Here's our baby's name. Kristen came over one night and helped me make these letters for his name. We modpodged scrapbook paper to the letters- I know the "B" kinda stands out a lot.
Here's the name from the front. :) (In case you can't tell it's polka dots and stripes).

Here is the bedding we ended up going with. I really love the little animals.

We added a tree (it's a wall decal). There are some white sheer curtains that have leaves on it to match that I really want to get, too, for the room. But I will wait until closer to when he's due.

Here is the little bookshelf/ cube organizer thingy. Do you think those cubbies look okay? Should I get another one for the top center- or do you think that's fine?

And the bookshelf and tree together. It was Jeff's idea to put the tree in the corner like that. I love it!

I also covered some small canvases with scrapbook paper as wall decorations. I kind of messed up the bottom one a little- but it doesn't look too bad on the wall. What do you think?

And here's the baby's dresser. We will get a changing bad to go on top of the dresser for a changing table.

(In His Constant Care- Simon Dewey)
I also love this painting so we ordered a print. Once we get it framed, I think we'll hang it above the changing table/dresser maybe? There is also nothing on the wall where the tree is (besides part of the tree) so we could put it there. But Jeff also really likes this painting- which we haven't ordered yet:

(Take My Hand- Greg Olsen)

And, as our beloved prophet suggested last weekend at General Conference, we want to get a picture of the temple to put in there- we'll probably just get a print to put on the bookshelf.

There are a lot of other things I want to update on, but time hasn't allowed for it lately. I've been really busy with school and work these past couple of days. I'm finding it more and more challenging to keep my head above water. However, this shall pass soon! I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I just have to make it through mid-May when school is over. In the meantime, I keep plugging along. Spring break is next week and we're headed to Las Vegas! I'm soo excited- and before I know it, May will be here.

Happy Sabbath!


  1. Great job with the nursery, everything is beautiful and I love the name Caleb!

  2. I love it! The letters are so cool, and I really love the tree decals. So awesome! Way to go! (P.S. that dinner looks absolutely FABULOUS!)

  3. So cute - love the bedding and tree and well, everything!

  4. This looks awesome! Did your Mom-inlaw help?

  5. are so talented and crafty! I LOVE his room and his name! I didn't know you were going with Caleb-so cute! You did a great job!!

  6. The room looks great. Love the letters. I would definitely get another storage bin for your shelves. You'll need it, believe me!

    The bedding is really nice. I've never seen one like that before!

  7. It looks so good DeAnna! And the 'B' stands out a lot more on the wall then when it was on the table... oh well, I still like it :) YOU'RE HAVING A BABY!!! eek!

  8. Thanks guys! I've been telling Jeff that I am not creative, so I appreciate the kind words. Elaine, no, she didn't help- Jeff and I ended up doing it ourselves. It's been fun watching it all come together. I'm glad you like the bedding, Renae. It wasn't what I originally wanted, but I'm glad we went with it, too. And Kristen, Jeff mentions how much the "B" stands out often. Ah well... it doesn't look too bad, right? I'm glad you all like it!!! :)

  9. What a beautiful nursery. You have picked out a unique theme. I especially love the pictures. Caleb will be blessed to have you two as parents!! Love you both!! Debbie

  10. it is gorgeous! :) so excited for you guys. As far as the picture of a temple-I have a double suggestion for you with that. ONe couple on my mission also put a pic of them on their wedding day in each child's room. So, why not print out a pic of you guys on your wedding day in front of the DC temple? Just a thought! <3 Alyssa

  11. The room is adorable!!! Absolutely love it! I am so not a decorator, so I am always impressed when people can use such simple things to make a room look so amazing! good job!!

  12. I love it! I have always liked murals on walls--too cute. I really like the letters and the storage bins (if you end up getting two and stacking, just make sure you anchor them to the wall--toddlers can be scary with that kind of stuff! Benji pulled a nightstand on himself :)) such a cute room and cute name too-love it!