Monday, June 10, 2013

3 and 4 months!

They say that you start slipping on things with your second child. I missed last months blog post for dear Adelaide. Oops. I'm sure she won't mind. I definitely did not miss taking her pictures, or playing with her or most importantly, loving on her. I think that's why some things get missed with the more children you have- you have to spread yourself thinner so that you can love all of your children and so some things have to go.

Anyway, last month, Adelaide sort of started laughing a little, if you can call it that. It really sounds kind of like an old woman with emphysema choking on her saliva. It's super cute, actually. She also loves her brother! She smiles at him all of the time. It's adorable. I think they'll be the best of friends, at least I hope so. That would be a pretty awesome benefit to having them kind of close in age.

At her four month appointment, Adelaide weighed in at 16lbs.  and 8 ounces. she is 25 1/2 inches long.  So she's about in the 90th percentile for both weight and height. She's got the most awesome kissable cheeks.

Adelaide smiles a lot. Sometimes, all you have to do is look at her and she'll smile. It's so sweet. She'll smile at most people, too. She's a friendly baby. She talks a lot. She just started cooing and singing sweet songs. I need to record it (I feel like I say that a lot). She also lets us know when she's frustrated- most of the time that just happens when her diaper is dirty. She can get really loud, not crying, but she's definitely vocal.

She has started to grab for things and grasp things in her hand. She loves to chew on her hands and her favorite toy right now are blankets of most varieties.

She loves to sit up in her bumbo. When she's laying on her back, she often does baby crunches. If she's on the couch or in my lap, she will sit her self up.

She rolled over for the doctor at her four month appointment (after I just finished telling the doctor that she'd only rolled over a couple of times several weeks prior- little show off. :) And she's rolled over several times since.

She does excellent push-ups.

She's just now getting to the distracted stage when nursing. If there's too much going on, she's too busy being observant to eat. And she's an excellent observer. She's really interested in her environment, it seems.

She loves to be sung to. She loves music.

She loves going outside.

She loves to be held- in almost any position.

She is an on-demand nurser- so I'm not really sure how often or how much she eats- but she eats plenty. :-)

When she gets super excited, its as if the excitement moves through her entire body and she can't even handle it. She brings her hands up to her face- oh it's hard to describe.

Sometimes, when she has her pacifier in her mouth, if you talk to her, she'll just drop it out of her mouth and smile.
She definitely lives up to her name- Adelaide means kind, noble. Naomi means pleasant, delightful (one of my most favorite words, by the way) and beautiful. She is most certainly those things.

She's one tough cookie- she puts up with most of Caleb's antics and sometimes even seems to enjoy them. :)

She still sleeps pretty well, though she's been getting kind of restless later- doctor pointed out that she's teething and that may be why. But she likes to sleep in still and she stays up late. If she wakes up too early, she'll nurse and take a good morning nap, most of the time.

She's an awesome baby and we're just all so thrilled to have her a part of our family. Seriously, how did I get so lucky?!

Okay, here are some photos from the last couple of months.

She wasn't crying here, just "talking" really loud and sounded very frustrated. It was then that I realized that her diaper was a mess. 

First time in the swing. 

Daddy's girl.

Look at those rolls.
Chewing on hands is serious business.

I love baby yawns.