Sunday, October 13, 2013

A is 8 months old!!

So I wrote this like a week or so ago and forgot to post it... oops! 

My baby girl is 8 months old. How is that even possible (I know, I say that so often)? She really is getting to be such a big girl. She's a sweetheart and smiles ALL the time. It's awesome and adorable.

I'm not sure how much she weighs, but I'm betting she's at least 20 lbs... at least. Maybe like 21 lbs. I know I used to measure Caleb, but I lost my measuring tape... well, it's probably packed up somewhere.

Adelaide, sometimes I call her Addie Mae... cute, huh? And perfect for the south. Sometimes, and lately, I call her Adelaidealaidalou (or sometimes just Adelaidealaidalou).

Remember how she learned to pull herself up and climb stairs and crawl all before she turned 7 months old? Well, now she is a master stair climber and cruises all over the place (you know, she stands up and holds onto furniture to walk around). She's tried letting go a couple of times, and lasts for .357 seconds before she either grabs whatever furniture she was holding or falls to the ground. She's a brave one, an adventurer and a determined little baby.

She has tried new foods this month. She likes potatoes, and mango and peaches, and banana of course. She's not a big fan of applesauce, but does like pears and peas, and sweet potatoes. She loves bread or pizza crust. And she loves to eat- though she still doesn't eat like three meals a day or anything... she usually just eats one meal a day and a snack- sometimes more just depends on the day and what she's in the mood for. If I'm around, she'd just rather nurse. When she's hungry, she says, "numnumnum" it's super cute and helpful. :)

Speaking of things she says, she's been saying "mamamama". I forgot to mention that last post- but now she says, "dadadada" and "ga" and she likes to yell "DAH! DAH!" So funny! She says, "bababa" and "nka"
She's quite the talker. She is super friendly and loves it when people talk to her. She smiles to say hi. It's sweet. Sometimes when I am talking, she will just stare and watch my mouth move. I love it and I will keep talking just so she keeps staring. I love that you can tell she's trying to figure out how language works.

If you mention "daddy" at all, she gets super excited. She loves her brother Caleb and they've sort of started playing together. She will chase him and they both have a good time with that.

She wants to be a big kid and tries to do what Caleb does already- this is a problem because one, she's still very much a baby and two, Caleb doesn't like when she follows him or tries to play with his toys or even looks at his toys for that matter. :)

She's pretty good with her pincer grip and can (and does) pick up small items.

She can mash up food in her mouth pretty well, too... and she doesn't have a single tooth yet.

Her sleeping pattern has been off lately, though last night she slept until 6:30, nursed and then slept until like 9:30-10.  But she's been restless a lot of nights. She still sleeps in a lot though and on mornings when she doesn't sleep in, she takes a morning nap at 9, which is nice.

She loves to be outside and loves to be on the ground. She just wants to climb and crawl and play.

She loves the theme song to Star Wars. Caleb has been requesting that and they both just love to dance to it. It's pretty awesome.

I guess that's about it. She's such a little ball of sunshine. Seriously, we love this girl to pieces. :)

I think she's the cutest.

This picture seriously cracks me up! 

I know... it's blurry, but I love the photo anyway. :)