Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My boy is 7 months!

Today, Caleb is seven months old! How in the world did that even happen! He has now been here with us for over half a year already. I can hardly believe it.

This month, he has learned to sit up on his own better- though he's only done it a couple of times.

He continues to get up on his knees all of the time, but he doesn't go anywhere on them yet. Instead he's an army crawling champ!

We started solids, but then he wasn't interested, so we stopped. I guess since a couple of weeks have gone by, we'll try again.

We introduced a sippy cup- he's not really digging it yet.

He loves to "walk" around. This means that he loves to grab our fingers, pull himself up and walk around while holding on to our fingers. This boy can't wait to start walking... I'm torn. I think he'll be walking before he's a year. We'll see, I guess.

He continues to be soothed by music. Boy, does he LOVE music. If he's crying in the car, a lot of times I can just turn on the radio and sing and he'll stop. He loves being cuddled and sung to.

He loves people! He gets really excited when he's around people. It's so cute! He doesn't have stranger anxiety.

We started teaching him sign language. He doesn't sign back yet, but he's starting to understand it, which is really cool.

He's such an affectionate baby and I love that about him. :)

When I pick him up from my in-laws. He usually first greets me with a smile and then he sticks out his tongue (while he's still smiling). It's so cute!

He's trying to figure out how to pull himself up on the furniture on his own, except that he tries to pull himself up from his tummy, rather than get on his knees first.

Giving him baths in the tub have become increasingly more difficult as he tries to pull himself up in the tub- it's slippery, so I have to hold him with one arm and wash him with the other- not easy. He likes to splash in the water and he will get into a crawling position when he's not trying to stand. It's pretty adorable.

He's still teething, but no teeth yet. Everything goes into his mouth and he slobbers/drools a lot!

We're still working on getting him to sleep more. Two nights ago, though he only woke up twice and we got a good 5 hour stretch. Hopefully, we'll start heading that direction soon.

We just adore this boy!!

Having his first bit of oatmeal. Yum!

I just love him.

So serious!

Doing is first and second favorite things- being outside and standing. :)

Love those cheeks!

Playing with blocks- he'll take the blocks that we are trying to build with, even though he's surrounded.

He eats everything!! Still no teeth, though. 

He's watching the water come from the faucet.

Playing the piano.

He hardly fits in his infant seat anymore.

Just look at that potbelly (and those delicious chubby hands!)

This is how he greets me when I pick him up- then we smother each other in kisses.

He often gets stuck in this position when he's trying to get from a seated position to his tummy- his legs just keep getting in the way. (I love how he sticks out his tongue when he's concentrating.)

Looks like some sort of yoga pose.

On his knees.

He's moving himself along the floor.

This is what he'd prefer to do.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

One More Month!

I have exactly one more month until I am no longer working at the Faison School for Autism. It really is bitter-sweet. I will miss my students terribly. I love the people that I work with and I have learned so much just by working there. I have been there for 4 years. However, I am so excited to get to be home with my baby and work on other goals of mine. Up to this point, I have been pretty lucky. I did miss Caleb's first laugh (but I like to say that when I first heard him laugh was still a first- and it's the most beautiful sound in the world, for sure!), but I saw the first time he rolled over from his tummy to his back and then his back to his tummy. I was there for the first time that he army crawled and I saw the first time that he sat up on his own. So luckily, I haven't missed too many firsts- but I am still missing things, the little every day moments. And I miss him so much while I'm working. I want to be the one that takes care of him, though I must say we have also really been blessed by my in-laws and their willingness and able-ness to take care of him while we're working. They've done a wonderful job and we really, really appreciate them. I am so looking forward to teaching him and doing things with him. Right now, I spend too long in the car.  A lot of times, by the time we get home from work and from picking him up, it's 6:30 or 7 by the time we get home. That's so late and then it doesn't leave much time to play with him before starting to get ready for bed and it certainly doesn't leave much time for anything else. So, I am looking forward to having time to clean my home, learn how to sew, read more, play with my baby boy, teach him, learn how to play the flute, play with Caleb, go for walks, enjoy the outside, write, play with my chunkster, and so much more. It's going to be awesome!!! I'm sure it will come with its own stresses and I am sure I'm still not always going to get everything done that I desire, but none of that really matters so much.

Just one more month!! I can't wait! :)

Yay! We're excited to play! :)

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Visit with the Shirakis

Jeff, Caleb and I went to Buena Vista last Friday to visit with our dear friends. Mikaela, Evan and their little baby were in town from Utah and I hadn't yet met their baby so I was super excited to see them. When we first got into town, we headed to see Cami and her family. Unfortunately, it was a quick visit, but it was so nice getting to meet her new little fella, too. What handsome children she has!

We then headed over to the Shiraki's where we spent the rest of our time. While we waited for Mikaela to get there, we toured their lovely home and chatted. It was a great visit. Mikaela came in the middle of our tour and we immediately started talking and googling over each others' babies. Such fun!! We were invited to stay the night there, which turned out perfectly, because we were able to stay up late and chat (and we got dinner and breakfast, which was fabulous!!). It was nice hanging out, playing games, talking and watching our babies interact with each other. It was interesting (in a most beautiful way, of course) to see Mikaela as a mother. I didn't even really get to see her pregnant and now she has a baby. Oh it was so lovely to see her and her family. Okay, so I don't have a lot of time to detail so I'll just post the pictures. :)

We stopped on the way back home....

We couldn't get Caleb to look at the camera- he much preferred the view on the other side.

After a couple of failed attempts, we just turned around and tried that way.