Friday, December 7, 2012

32 Weeks!

Today, I am officially 32 weeks pregnant. I have really gotten big (my belly, anyway) lately. So, tonight, right before we went to our ward Christmas party, I took a couple of pictures.

I went to the doctor last week and I had gained about 25-27 lbs so far. My blood pressure was awesome and baby's heart rate was in the 130s. Everything looks good so far.

I have unfortunately had to resort to sleeping on the sofa on the recliner. There is just too much pain when sleeping in my bed. In fact, the other night, I got in the bed at 2am because I woke up and I was cold. I slept for a little while- with a C-shaped pillow- but I kept dreaming about how I was in pain and would cry in my sleep. I even had a dream that I had this really important interview but I had passed out because of the pain that I was in and I had to tell the interviewer that I would have to reschedule. I woke up, nearly in tears and asked Jeff to push my hips over so that I could sleep on my back. Caleb was on one side and Jeff was on the other and it hurt too bad to move. Jeff pushed my hips over so that I could get off of my side and on my back. My pubic bones popped so loudly and hurt, but did relieve some of the pain. The next morning and throughout the day, I paid the price. So, I just can't sleep in the bed anymore. Sleeping on the recliner, doesn't eliminate the pain, but it does make it soooo much better.  I keep meaning to call the chiropractor and I just keep forgetting; pregnancy brain, I guess.

Anyway, other than that, things are going well. I think this little baby will come before 40 weeks. But, who knows, I guess. Also, can you tell by looking at the pictures if I am carrying high or low? I have no idea how to tell. I feel movement way down low so I kind of feel like I am carrying low. But, I also feel kicks in my ribs. I never felt kicks in my ribs before, so I feel like this baby is going to be longer than Caleb was. Oh yeah, and speaking of ribs, for some reason, yesterday my ribs were burning and today they feel bruised (on the opposite side the baby's been kicking). My lower left ribs are what hurt if I laugh or cough or sometimes just move funny. Weird.

Okay, for a couple of pregnancy pictures:

I know this is blurry... but I just love this kid!