Monday, March 23, 2015

Month One!

Little Oliver Moses turned one month last Thursday (today he is 5 weeks old).

He is the sweetest little baby. He smiles a ton in his sleep and even giggles in his sleep sometimes. He loves looking out the window. Caleb and Adelaide sing to him and sometimes if he's fussy, it will quiet him down until I can get to him. He nurses like a champ. He often takes one good 2.5 to 3 hour nap each day (with little naps the rest of the day). He can sleep through almost anything.  At night, he sleeps between 2 and 4 hours at a time. He never cries at night, just makes little bunny noises to let me know he's ready to nurse again. He grunts ALOT throughout the night. Sometimes, he's so noisy that Jeff has to go into another room to sleep (which happened last night). He is doted on by his siblings, especially his big sister. She can't keep her hands off of him. She's often found pressing her face into his, touching his feet or hands and continuously comments that, "he's a cute baby!". Caleb likes to talk to him and gets a bit frustrated when Oliver is looking in the wrong direction. "Oliver the dragon isn't over there, it's not mommy! It's over here!" He likes to show Oliver things, like books, puzzles, shoes. He also likes to tell Oliver what we're doing sometimes. Both Caleb and Adelaide are good helpers.

Oliver loves to be in the baby wrap (and just up to my chest in general- which is fine by me. I love to hold my sleeping baby). He likes to be held and snuggled, though he doesn't particularly care to be swaddled.

He's pretty predictable at night. He often likes to nurse several times before he goes to bed and he'll start getting a little fussy around 7:30pm each night and wants to nurse. Then he'll nurse again and again until he's down for the night. Then he'll sleep for 3 or 4 hours usually. In the morning, he'll wake up to nurse, but then will go back to sleep for an hour or more on typical days.

He seems to get cold easily as he his feet and hands will turn purple or the rest of his body will be marbly.

He went to his 1 month appt. yesterday (p.s. I do not remember 1 month appts. with my first two… is this a new thing?) and he weighed in at 11lbs. 9oz. (84th percentile) and was 23 inches long (95th percentile).

Some photos from his first month of life:

3 days old- napping with daddy. 

5 days old.
6 days old 
6 days old.

One week old. 

One week old.
1 week 5 days.
First bath- 10 days old.

He likes to sleep on his belly. I like to look at those sweet lips.

2 weeks old. 

2 weeks

2 weeks

2 weeks old
2.5 weeks old

2 weeks 6 days.

2 weeks 6 days old

3 weeks old.
3 weeks old.
3 weeks old.
3 weeks
First time at the park. 3 weeks

4 weeks

Photo credit: Caleb. :)
One month.
One month.
I love little baby feet. 

Ignore the poor editing job… hopefully I'll get better as time goes on. Hah.
One month
Blessing outfit. 

4.5 weeks old- Baby blessing day.