Sunday, August 4, 2013

Months 5 and 6

I seriously have so much to write about, but there just haven't been enough hours in the day for me to keep up on the blog... and now Adelaide's 6 months old and I never wrote about her 5 months. So another combination post. Lame, I know.

Adelaide turned 5 months on July 4th. She got to see/hear her first fireworks. She did pretty well. It was kind of loud, of course, so Jeff covered her ears while I stayed with Caleb.

She really started chewing on EVERYTHING in the past couple of months. She still has no teeth, which is alright by me, but she must be working on them.

She continues to love her brother. If he comes near her, her eyes light up and she smiles. It's super precious (I know I mention it a lot, but I don't think I'll ever get over it).

I started trying to put her down for naps in her crib. It lasted a couple of days. She would only sleep for about 20 minutes at a time, I'd go in, pat her back and she'd sleep for another 20-30 minutes. But we've been so busy lately that I've not been able to keep it up. Hoping to start back up this week. And get her to sleep on her own at night, too. Wish us luck. :) So far, she continues to sleep better than Caleb did, so I don't think it will be that difficult. We'll see.

Adelaide can roll over from back- to- tummy and from tummy- to- back. Jeff saw her roll over for the first time from her back to her tummy. I didn't believe him at first. Sometimes she'll roll over several times.

She doesn't crawl yet, but she does move backwards and she can push herself around in circles. Everytime I see her move around, the song, "I Get Around" by the Beach Boys gets stuck in my head.

She has tried Twizzlers and grapes courtesy of Jeff. She sneaked a waffle fry and we let her try pears this weekend, which she didn't really like. We're not really in any hurry for her to try eating food and she doesn't really seem all that interested yet, either. So we'll just see when she wants to eat, let her try a few things and go from there.

She refuses bottles. I just did a four-day photography workshop and wasn't always available to nurse (though it worked out that I was available to nurse her quite often) and so I had pumped breastmilk for her to drink when I wasn't available. She refused to drink it though and would hold off until I could feed her, which twice meant that she didn't eat for 5 hours and was starving by the time I could feed her.

Right around 4 1/2 months she discovered her feet and would grab them all of the time. She would also use her feet to grab other objects, like books or stuffed animals.

She enjoyed the pool for the first time right after she turned 5 months old. She loved it.

She took her first trip to Buena Vista and visited with friends and made a new friend.

She also took her first trip to Palmyra, New York. We met a few cast members from the Hill Cummorah Pageant. She got to go to the Sacred Grove. She got her first fever on the trip. :( So sad.

At about 5 1/2 months she started being able to sit up on her own. We then started putting her in the high chair, which made me kind of sad because it meant my baby was growing up.

She also gets up on her knees a lot and rocks back and forth and lunges forward even, sometimes. She loves to get up on her knees and often has red knees because of it. She also does a lot of push-ups. Super cute!

She loves to listen to music and be outside. She loves to ride in her stroller and oftentimes will fall asleep. She also loves to be carried or worn.

She will play on the floor by herself while I do a chore or two, which is nice. Other times she wants to be held, so I'll just wear her while I work on chores.

She puts everything in her mouth.

She says, "mamamama", "nananana" and other sounds. She's quite vocal and has been for awhile.

She's fallen off of the bed twice. The last time was a pretty bad fall and scared me a lot. Jeff said the look on my face was one of a heartbroken mama. I was nervous for days that something must've happened to her when she fell (honestly, still a little nervous as it seems she's been a bit fussier and has had a harder time sleeping since then).

She has her 6 month check up on Tuesday, so I'll update then with her stats, but she's doing fabulously well. She appears to be strong and healthy and happy. We love this girl of ours.

Time for the photos (as usual, there are a ton- so brace yourselves... but in my defense, it's two months worth)... also, I have a couple others that I will add when I find them.:

For some reason the pictures are not in order and I don't have time to re-order them... but I'll try to date them a little.

Just this past week.

The end of June at Caleb's birthday party.

4.5 months

Almost 5 months.

So cute!

I love their interactions.

5 months old- with her grandpa. 

5 months old- getting ready to watch the fireworks.

Pool time with one cool baby girl.

Look at how chill she is.

5 months.

Making a new friend. :)

Just showing off her sitting up skills (and my hand was down ready to catch her should she fall).

Hill Cummorah Pageant in Palmyra, New York.

Sleeping in the Sacred Grove

Taking it all in.

My poor sick baby- her first time with a fever. 

They love each other... sometimes, though, Adelaide doesn't love it when Caleb's is pulling on her.

I love this look she gives him. 

I'm in love with her eyes.

I love this... so sweet. 

Look Ma! I'm sitting up all by myself! :)

One of my favorites.

4 months
4 months

4 months

4 months

I just love the bubbles

Another favorite of her. Yummy!!

A few days before turning 6 months.

Two things about this photo- 1) notice that bump on her head- I asked the doctor about it at C's two-year check up. He said it felt like bone and we'll just keep an eye on it. So weird. 2) She's smiling at Caleb in this photo. She just loves him.