Saturday, March 31, 2012


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So for the past couple of weeks, I've been trying to have more structured time with my wee one. We call it learning time- and there are four categories: Music Time, Story Time, Exploration and Structured Play. It hasn't worked out at all, how I had originally expected it too, which is fine. It has been wonderful for us though. The original idea was to fit all four of those categories into the morning and into the afternoon, but with chores and errands, it hasn't worked in the afternoon yet. In the morning, we do at least two of the activities and sometimes three, but we've yet to do all 4. Again, I am fine with this- I knew I'd have to do some tweaking. After we do the morning activities, it's time for a nap.

The main reason for trying to have more structure in our day it to help Caleb learn structure for one, to help him recognize time a little and help him get on a better sleeping schedule. It has worked for that purpose. The first week, he did a lot better with taking naps. A couple of days, he would still only sleep for half an hour or so, but other times, he would sleep for a good hour and a half or more. One day last week, he slept for 2 hours!

Another reason was to help me feel like I was doing all I can to help Caleb learn about and explore his environment. It was fun coming up with signs we'd use during the week, songs we'd sing, book subjects and then coming up with the physical activities. Then he has free time, too to explore, which he's been doing.

Since it's easy to imagine music and story time, I'll give some examples of things that we've done for Exploration and Structured Play time. Exploration included activities like playing with cooked spaghetti- which he loved!!! (though he did get some stuck in his throat which activated his gag reflux which caused him to vomit which ended that activity which made him cry- but we played for awhile, we talked about (and when I say "we", really, I mean "I" in this instance) how slimy the noodles are, the color, the length, what you can do with them, etc. Another activity we did was go outside and play with bubbles. I blew bubbles, he looked at them and followed them with his eyes first. Then he'd try to get them with his hands. We talked about the colors, the shape, etc. These were fun activities that we both enjoyed. We'll continue to do them.

Structured play activities include things like building with blocks and letting him knock them down, making music by banging on different things to make and hear different sounds, and playing with a ball.

It really has been fun and even though we've never done all four at one time- I kind of follow his lead. And we enjoy our structured time together. We also go for walks, run errands, do chores and have other play times, dance sessions, etc.

Things might change a little this week as I may be changing the times that he eats- which will affect the time we'd been doing the activities, which will affect when he naps, etc. For example, learning time started around 9 for the past couple of weeks and then he'd go down for a nap around 10 or 10:30 (unless I couldn't get him to take a nap then). Well, now, since I'm trying to give him more structured eating times, we might have to move that back. The past 2 days, he's been getting up at 5 am to eat and then he'd go back to sleep for a little while. Then he'd nurse again 9 (I'm trying to nurse him every 4 hours- which has been kind of difficult the past couple of days- so I don't want to change too much and let it still be somewhat led by him (meaning that I don't want to alter his natural schedule too much- hopefully, eventually, he'll start sleeping past 5 eventually). Right now, he still only eats two solid meals a day, which is fine for him. We'll increase as he's ready to.

Anyway, it's been fun figuring out a schedule, coming up with very casual "lesson plans" and teaching my little boy. Hopefully, I'll be able to keep up the momentum and continue this (altering as necessary).

Thursday, March 29, 2012

9 Months!!

My baby boy turned 9 months on Sunday. 9 Months! What? I can't even believe it. These past 9 months seem to have flown by, certainly they have gone by faster than the nine months that I was pregnant. Amazing.

We went to the doctor today for his nine month check-up. Baby boy is in the 50th percentile for height (28 inches) and the 95th percentile for weight (23 lbs). We have one SOLID baby. But, I just love him just the way he is. :) The doctor said that he does not need to eat at night any more. He asked about his sleeping habits at night and during the day and is concerned that he's not getting enough sleep- in fact he said this twice- and thinks that I should let him cry it out at night. He said that when he picks up his baby when she's crying and should be sleeping, that he feels like he's doing her a disservice. Of course, he didn't come out and say that he felt like I was doing my baby a disservice (which I appreciate), and he knows how I feel about the whole cry it out business- we talked about it at his 6 month check-up.

He also suggested that I not be the one that checks on him when he's crying at night because then he'll think that he will nurse. So, Jeff has to be the one to check on him. Poor Jeff- he's the one that has to get up early for work. But,  on the other hand, Jeff is also the one that doesn't mind trying the whole cry-it-out method. I'm still hesitant. The doc said if we do this, we have to be diligent and do it consistently. We can't do it one night and give in the next night.

He also suggested that I put him on a more rigid eating schedule so that he can get used to when he should eat and when he should sleep. He said that if he's on a more rigid schedule, it might really help with his sleeping. We've been working on having a better schedule lately- though I still just let him eat when he wants (within reason, but I feel like he's been pretty good at regulating that himself- except at night.

Finally, he said towards the beginning of the appointment that he'd like him to go see an allergist when he gets older. Then as he was doing the physical part of the exam, he said that he keeps going back and forth and can't decide if he wants him to see an allergist after he turns 1 or if he wants him to wait until he's 2. I told him that Jeff would like him to see an allergist, too.

We talked about his reflux, he still has some reflux, but it's tons better than it was before.  Also, Jeff has been concerned because he will gasp for air- it seems. We haven't figured out if it's because there is a problem or if it's because he discovered he can do it and he likes the way it feels or sounds or something. He said that if he seems fine afterwards (not coughing or having a difficult time breathing) then it's probably nothing to worry about.

So that's pretty much it. He asked if he could grab things, pull up to standing, cruise around, crawl and he can do all of those things. So he's right on target.

Also at 9 months Caleb:

- babbles- alot. He says mamamama, nananana, baba, my favorite- ah ra, ah ra.
- squeals! He loves to squeal.
- he's an escape artist. He's figured out how to get the glass door open. (I really need to video record it. It's so funny!
- climbs steps (we only have our front steps, but one day, he just climbed the porch steps at a friend's house.
- cruises around with his little wooden walker thingy.
- eats more solids (usually about twice a day- every once in awhile, he'll eat three times a day)
- clears his throat.
- makes these weird bunny noises where it sounds like he's eating something.
- just cut a tooth two days ago.
- loves to explore more.
- has the best laugh in the world, but is still serious, too.
- if you pretend to cry, he'll hug you.
- loves to snuggle with his mama.
- really started to want his mama more (probably because I'm with him all of the time, so I guess if I'm not, he wonders why and starts to fuss- I find it rather flattering).
- gives hugs and kisses (we call it "loves")
- grasps and bangs toys
- looks for toys now
- plays with his shadow (and it's sooo cute to watch!- another thing I need to get a picture of).
- loves to look at books.
- still loves counting.
- shows more interest in noises he hears both inside and outside.
- still loves music
- loves it when mama dances funny
- still LOVES to be outside
- can hardly sit still
- has started banging his head (on shoulders and occasionally the door- but not very hard)
- enjoys finger games more than before
- loves peek-a-boo more.
- plays "I'm gonna get you".
- tries to catch ants when he's' outside
- likes to "help" put dishes in the dishwasher (as soon as he hears the dishwasher door open, he crawls to the kitchen and I end up having to close the dishwasher).
- likes to help put clothes in the dryer (same thing- he loves to go to the dryer when the dryer door is down).

Anway, we've been having a ton of fun this month as I've had the wonderful opportunity to stay home with him. It truly has been the best kind of blessing and I'm so grateful that we are in this place in our lives right now. Life is good.

Now for some pictures from the past month:

Reading with mama.

Eating puffs

I just love the progression.

In the mouth! 

Look at that chub!

Say what?! When did you learn to do that?

Laughing at the river.

We borrowed a bunny- he's getting to know her.

We have to put the gate at the front door if we want to leave it open to prevent him from escaping.

He was following the line- hilarious.

I cannot even handle all of the cuteness!

And this is why we borrowed a bunny- for Easter photos!

I just LOVE this kid!

He kills me!

9 month old and his daddy
My happy boy. 

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Peek of Heaven

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Friday, March 23, 2012

this moment

As inspired by Soule Mama:
{this moment} - A Friday ritual. A single photo - no words - capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Someone's Gonna Get a Tooth Soon

So I was playing with this fella earlier today and I noticed that a spot in his gums looked whiter than it had before (the day before actually, since I check his gums almost every day).  Anyway, so I decided to try to take a picture of his gums- well it ended up being several pictures because he just wouldn't stop sticking out his tongue. Surprisingly, he lay there pretty calmly as I poked at his mouth trying to get the perfect shot. I was quite impressed. 

Well, the first attempt, didn't work out quite the way I was hoping.

"Oh mom, I can put my own fingers in my mouth".

I just love the way he looks in this one. I just love this boy.

I'll tried a different approach- same results.

I love this boy.

Maybe if I could get him to smile, he'd show his gums.

Still no luck.

Getting closer!


Almost there!

Finally!! See the the left, that little knobby gum- see how white it is under the gum- it's gotta pop out soon, right?

I know it's a lot of pictures of one subject, but I just had so much fun taking these pictures of this baby boy. I have been practicing more with my camera lately and I've learned all kinds of things! It's so exciting. I can't wait to learn more about editing.