Sunday, November 28, 2010

So... so... much!

Okay, so I figured it's about time to update my blog some... Well, let's see... where to even start, that's the question.

Well, I guess I'll start with Alaska. At the end of August, Jeff and I went to Alaska. It was an awesome, awesome trip! We had such a blast and I r
eally enjoyed the company of my husband. We got there around 4pm on Sat. afternoon. We rented our sweet car (If we ever buy a car again, it's the car I'd choose). We drove to our hotel... We were on the ninth floor and had an awesome view. I was already tired from traveling for so long, plus it was already after 8 Virginia time, so I didn't feel much like venturing out. However, we figured we should go get something to eat. So we walked over to this little grocery store (little, but so expensive). We bought cereal and milk for breakfast the next morning and peanut butter and jelly and bread and a couple of apples, and crackers- triscuits actually and they were sooo good!.

We went back to the hotel and I pretty much fell asleep right away. I was exhausted. The next morning we got up and got ready and went to church. The ward members were so friendly! We stayed for all three meetings. When church was over we started on our 3 hour long journey from Anchorage to Talkeetna. Once we got into the tiny town... and I mean tiny, you could literally spit across town... we had a little difficulty finding our cabin. We came to these cabins (trying to follow the obscure instructions we were given). I immediately fell in love. How cute these are!! But then... I realized that there were names on the cabins and ours wasn't one of them.

We went back out to the main road and tried again to find the cabin. We finally found it and immediately started laughing. Is this really the cabin?

The Blue Moon Cabin, it was called. We went inside and I just loved this cabin. It was so cute and so full of character. I referred to it as the hippy cabin.

It was Sunday, so we didn't really do too much. We did go on a walk around town, but that was all. The next morning we got up and headed to the little Talkeetna Air Taxi place, which is where we were going to do our flightseeing tour!! I was so excited. We had a full day planned. We were to immediately leave after finishing up the flight to head to Denali for our next adventure. However, when we got to the Air Taxi place, they told us that there was too much fog and we wouldn't be able to leave for another hour or so. So we went back to our cabin (we didn't need to leave until 11 anyway) and hung out until it was ready to go... and Jeff made a phone call to see if we could push our next adventure back, which we did. It all worked out beautifully. The flightseeing tour was awesome. It was beautiful!! We learned that some people live in the middle of no-where, where there are no roads and they can only get there by plane or ATV... I couldn't imagine living that far from civilization.

Here are a couple of pictures from the tour.

We even got to get land on a glacier for a little bit. How awesome is that! This really was one incredible experience and I would have been pretty set if that's all I did.

After our tour, we headed up the 3 hours to Denali. We checked into our hotel (Denali Bluffs) and then immediately got picked up for our ATV tour. It was about 2 hours long through some mountains in Heely. It wasn't a bad ride, though Jeff and I agreed that we would have liked to have gone a little faster. We would each slow down as the guide went ahead and then speed up to catch up to the guide. We got to stop at some pretty sites and learned more about Alaska... like how they have the second largest natural gravel deposit in the world (but you're not allowed to take gravel from there because the land is considered sacred- because they found some artifacts there... but my guide did let me take one rock).

Once we finished with our ATV tour, we headed back to the hotel, cleaned up and got ready to head out for dinner... the Cabin Nite Dinner Theater. Jeff says the dinner wasn't all that impressive, but I had a great time. We had fresh salmon, bbq ribs, veggies, yummy bread and berry cobbler. Then we watched a show they put on. The show was entertaining, indeed... dancing, singing, etc.

Okay, well I know I always say I'll come back and I really don't ever find the time to come back and continue my story... but I am really gonna try this time. Stay tuned for Part II of our trip and for more exciting adventures. :)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I am Terrible at blogging... sue me.

So, I know, I know... I never did update our New York trip from April or our Alaska trip from August. But, let me just give a brief update in life lately.

I am working full time, while going to school... full-time! I have no time to blog... Work has been crazy lately and so has work and my personal life? What personal life? Jeff and I joined the Richmond Mormon Chorale which is fun.

Let's see.... what else is going on in life? Thanksgiving is coming up in a couple of weeks and I am uber, yes UBER excited!! I can't wait. I love Thanksgiving, I love being around family and I love eating! :)

Alright, well it's past my bedtime. I know, this blog post is pretty much pointless, but figured I should update with something.

Besides, maybe it's too late to update New York and Alaska, they're already months old. ah ya!