Tuesday, May 28, 2013

23 Months!

So, first, before I start talking about Caleb this past month, I must say that I completely forgot about writing up a post for Adelaide's third month. Oops! I will just combine her 3rd and 4th month when I do her forth month next week. 

This month has been one of great growth for Caleb. This age is so fun! It has really been so neat to watch Caleb and his independence just bloom. He comprehends so much and knows what everything is, it seems.

- He can count to three.
- He knows colors: red, yellow, blue, green and purple.
- He can label many animals including goat, elephant, pig, cat, dog, etc.
- He can label vehicles including: car, boat, bus, truck (and sometimes big truck), airplane, helicopter.
- He calls most bugs beetles or spiders.
- He knows what a bee and butterfly are.
- He knows all of the regular body parts and others such as chin, cheek, eyebrow (he can label and identify by pointing).
- He sings all kinds of songs. The only one he'll sing all by himself is "Row, row, row your boat", but he can sing a couple different songs from Les Miserables (Overture/Work song, Can You Hear the People Sing and he tries to sing,  I Dreamed a Dream and Confrontation), Mercedes Benz, Amazing Grace, You are My Sunshine, ABCs and so many others.
- He's continuing to learn what his body can do. His dancing skills have really improved and so cute. He is also very much into climbing things.
- He has become more picky in his eating lately. So sometimes he likes green beans and sometimes he doesn't. Sometimes sweet potatoes are his favorite, but other times he suddenly doesn't like it.
- He has had his first taste of meat (a small bite of chicken and a small bite of steak) and isn't much interested in any of it yet. Sometimes, he'll eat fish though.
- He loves to play with his friends and is very much in the "copying" stage. He will copy what other kids do a lot. Most of the time it's cute, sometimes not so much.
- He is speaking in two-word phrases more and more- examples: "Adelaide speebing(sleeping)", "Daddy wort (work)", "Eat oatmeal".
- If we're out and about, he'll let us know when he's ready to go home by saying, "Home".
- He's mostly super sweet to Adelaide. He loves giving her hugs and kisses.
- When Jeff kisses me in front of Caleb, he'll ask to be picked up and then he'll put his arms around both of us and push us together and we'll all hug and give each other kisses- it's one of my favorite things ever and he's actually been doing it for a couple of months.
- He used to hate when people were in the back of the van with him, but now he loves the company and gets super excited.
- He's definitely had his fair share of tantrums this month. He's learning to express himself more and more and it is neat to see his personality develop. He loves to learn and loves to learn by repetition- so he'll want to repeat something over and over again. We're just loving life with this boy.

Now to prepare for his second birthday party!

Here are some photos from the past month:

From the strawberry patch. 
Mother's Day

He climbed up here for the first time by himself!! 

And then he slid down the slide like a big boy (previously he would slide on his belly).

He lines things up all of the time- shoes, books, balls. He also continues to stack things as well. 

His newest trick. He can even turn around once he's up. 

He loves to share his toys/books with Adelaide. Often times, he will stack things on top of Adelaide including his sippy cup, shoes, books, toys- basically anything he can find. 

He's started making this face a lot lately. It's pretty cute.

Checking out the ducks at the park. 

I just LOVE this sweet face. 
Sleeping in the fort we made.

Jeff threw him up the other morning and he loved it. 

Sometimes, he just wants his daddy.
I love this little snapshot because he was running to me. Right after I took this he barreled into me and wrapped his arms around me. I love that he can be so affectionate. He's such a sweet boy. 

Watermelon at our family cook-out yesterday!